A Happy Reunion

Howdy from Central Texas!

Over the past several years, the Humane Society of Central Texas staff and the City of Waco have made great strides in changing the attitudes of citizens, and the way homeless and unwanted animals are treated. Instead of facing almost certain death, pets are now getting ample opportunities to find a loving, forever homes. This is because of the developing teamwork between HSCT, The City of Waco, The City of Waco Animal Services, and a supportive community. Together, we’re striving to turn an unhappy beginning in an animal’s life into a happy ending.

I’m Debra Jupe, and I’m author, and a Humane Society of Central Texas foster. I’ve been looking for a way to combine my two passions, and this blog is a beginning.

This blog is specifically for highlighting those happy endings.

I began my fostering journey about a year ago. In December, the (HSCT) foster coordinator, Emily put out a call for help. Tipsy, this adorable, little pittie mix was not doing well with kennel life. She’d been a resident since September, and she’d become anxious. She kept trying to “dig” out of her kennel and scratching up her feet. The nights had turned cold, so the dogs were closed in. Tipsy would traipse through her urine and feces, infecting her cut paws. The vet and staff cleaned and medicated her daily, but she needed to be in a home so she could relax and heal.

One of my fosters had just been adopted, so I told Emily I’d come pick Tipsy up. My first question? Was that really her name? I wasn’t a fan. The name sounded more like an after New Year’s Eve episode. Fortunately, it wasn’t her actual name, and she didn’t respond when called, so I promptly changed it to Tory.

IMG_2573 (1)

Once I brought Tory in, her fearful demeanor transformed, and she instantly made herself at home. She was a lovable girl, a bit on the rambunctious side, but thrilled by her freedom. My best memory of Tory was how she loved to snuggle with me on the sofa, and she constantly shared her sweet kisses. Such a precious girl!

2017-06-11 (70)

I had her about a month when I received a message from Emily. Could I please bring Tory in, her original owner might be at the shelter. I immediately gathered her up and drove over. We walked inside. I caught the eye of a young man sitting on one of the benches. I gave the overcrowded room a once over, and then my gaze returned to the same man who continued to stare in our direction. This must be Tory’s dad.

I asked him if this was his girl. Overcome with emotion, he only could nod. I walked Tory to him, and she went straight into his arms. I wasn’t as eager about the reunion. I sat down next to him, determined to find out why his dog had been missing for so long, and how come he was only now coming to get her.

2017-06-11 (71)

He explained without me asking. His name was Ryan. He went to Baylor, and he’d gotten a coveted internship in California. He had to leave quick, and he couldn’t take Tory with him, so he left her with a “trusted” friend. Soon after, she escaped, and ultimately wound up at the shelter. He’d returned and discovered she had fled, and he was beside himself.

On a whim, he decided to check the online shelter pages, and guess what? He found his dog. The reunion was tearful for everyone. He has a new place in California, and he can own a pet, so he and Harper, her real name, returned home to restart their lives together. After months of separation and worry, Ryan and Harper had their happy ending. Last I heard, they were doing well.IMG_2625 (1)

Look Who Found Their Forever Home!2017-06-11 (36)Deloris and her wonderful family adopted adorable Bitty Boo. They fell head over heels for her spunky personality, and they just had to make her a part of their family.

2017-06-11 (37)

Cutie Kosmo was adopted by Sabrina from McGregor, Texas. She chose him because she’s partial to his breed and why wouldn’t she be? He’s a doll. Kosmo and his new Mom are going to make a great team.


Pups currently at HSCT in search of their forever homes!

Happy Wednesday!

2017-06-11 (59)

Hi Folks,

Wednesday’s my name, and I’m pretty awesome on Wednesday, but I can honestly say I’m pretty awesome on every other day of the week, too. As you can see by my pictures, I’m quite the looker and, I’ve been told I have a beautiful smile. I’m also a super-friendly.

I’m a fun, high energy girl, and I love, love, love to play. Give me a ball, and my tail goes zero to ninety in nothing flat. As a matter of fact, my tail wags all the time, and it’s one of my best assists.

2017-06-11 (58)

I’d be a perfect running buddy or a great addition for an active family, though I suggest if you have small children, bring them. I’m certain I’ll like them, but we just want to make sure I’m not too enthusiastic for them.

I will need a bit of help with my socialization skills, and be taught how to slow down, and bond with my person. But this is an easy fix, I’m a smart lady. I obey basic commands, and I do well when on a leash, so I can learn.

The HSCT people are very nice to me, but I’ve been here a long time, (I entered the shelter on 2/17/17) I sure wish I could find a loving home of my own. Maybe it’s yours? Come by the Humane Society of Central Texas and let’s play ball. You might just want to make me your forever catch partner!

My name is Wednesday (A000096). Kennel # D043. I’m female, 3 year old, Pittie Mix, and I’m already sprayed, so we can go home that day.2017-06-11 (55)

Sweet, Sweet Sid

2017-06-11 (49)

Hello everyone,

I’m Sid or Sid the Sweetheart to those who know me. Unfortunately, only a few potential adopters have been interested in meeting me, and I don’t understand why. Maybe it’s because I am somewhat rowdy inside my kennel. I do jump and bark when anyone comes through. You see, I’ve been here a long time, (since 2/18/17) and I’m ready find my own home. But outside the kennel, I’m a mellow, happy boy.

I’m a big, strong guy, but don’t let my size and strength fool you. I’m also a sensitive, fellow, and I’m very affectionate when giving or receiving, although I really like to be on the receiving end. I’m especially partial to belly rubs.

2017-06-11 (50)

When going for strolls, I don’t pull on the leash. I just enjoy taking in the sights, and I make an impressive walking partner. I’m also quite the intellect. I respond to commands very well, and I’m a bit on the submissive side, so I’d be simply a great companion since I’m easily trained.

2017-06-11 (47)I didn’t react to the other dogs around me, but I would suggest if you have other pups, you bring them for a meet and greet, just to make sure we all jell. And although I’m the cuddly, teddy bear type, you’ll want to introduce me to any little ones, too.

2017-06-11 (51)

Finally, I’m a handsome gent, and my coat is a lovely, snowy shade of white with orange flecks. I have really cool, gleaming eyes and I yearn to look lovingly at my new person. Is that new person, you?

Come by the Humane Society of Central Texas and meet me. I’m Sid, (A075324) located in kennel # D043. I’m a male, 1 ½ year old pittie/Dalmatian mix, and I’m pretty amazing.

2017-06-11 (46)


Drew the Aristopup

2017-06-11 (44)


My name is Drew. I’m a distinguished gentlemen who has been without a home way too long, (I came in 2/20/17) and that’s just not right for any dog, but especially a special guy like me.

Why am I so special? Well, although I’m a larger pup, I’m extremely loving and sweet. I am older, about 6, but I’m still curious, very interested in what’s going on around me. I’m a good-looking chap, and in perfect shape. Check out my photos, and you’ll see how attractive I am.

I love to hang out with people, but I may need a little help with making stronger connections to them. I get so involved in my surroundings, I tend to forget others are wanting to enjoy my company.

2017-06-11 (73)

I can walk on a leash, understand basic commands, and it’s suspected that I’m house trained, since I don’t do my business inside my kennel. Because I’m so attentive to my environment, I do notice other dogs and seem to want to interact with them. Not in a bad way, I just want to be their friend. If you have a sibling for me, let them tag along, and see if we’re a best bud match.

Because of my age, I’m a bit calmer than those youngsters everybody wants. I’m past the chewing, and destructive stage. Basically, I’m an obedient, sweet, guy searching for a family to call my own.

Could your family be my family? Come by the Humane Society of Central Texas. You can find me in kennel #Y036. I’m Drew, a male, American Bulldog Mix, and I’m patiently waiting for my forever home.

2017-06-11 (45)

Chico’s the Man!

2017-06-11 (40)

Hey there!

I’m Chico and I’m the man. Why am I the man you asked? Well, I’m a mid-sized, (age 4), semi-black dog, with a missing eye, and I’m in an animal shelter. Not great stats, and yet, even with all those things against me, I’m still the happiest guy you’ll ever meet.

I’m uber-friendly, a total social butterfly, and I’m not dog reactive. I tend to mind my own business when others are nearby. Does this imply I’m standoffish toward my fellow canine compadres? Absolutely not! Just means you want to bring any potential siblings for a meet and greet before we move forward.

And forward we will march after we intermingle. I am such a sweetheart, and I’m just the cutest boy. I’ve been well cared for, and my coat is a unique color of black with patches of rust.

I’m an energetic, bundle of affection, and I really like to spend time with people. If you’re looking for someone to play with, then I’m definitely your man, because I truly enjoy frolicking around the shelter’s play area. I perform well on leash, so if you’re a walker or jogger, I’ll have no problem being your sidekick.2017-06-11 (41)

But there’s a quieter side to me, too. Since 3/16/17, I calmly sit in my kennel, # Y022, hoping my forever family will come find me and take me home. So will you come see me at the Humane Society of Central Texas? I promise you won’t regret making me a part of your family.

I’m Chico, (A075785) the man, a Chinese Shar Pei/Lab Mix. I’m male and neutered, which means we can bust out of here the day we meet, and I’m ready to go!
2017-06-11 (39)

Brewster’s One in a Million

2017-06-11 (62)

Hi All!

Punky Brewster here. I’m in need of a true forever home, but it’s going to take someone who gets me. You see, I’ve been adopted twice before, and returned, (last time on 3-6-17) because I do not like other dogs. Sorry, I can’t explain why, but I have to be your one and only.

Seriously, if I’m your pup, you won’t need another, because I can love you like no one else can. I’m an adorable low, rider. I’m full of energy, loads of fun, and have tons of personality. I love to be next to my person, and I give the sweetest kisses ever. The staff here will vouch for me, I’m a favorite, and they’re all rooting for me to find my permanent home.

I’m also inquisitive, and want to know what’s happening around me, and of course, I’m not just beauty, I’ve got brains, too. I obey basic commands, and even though I’ve been brought back the shelter two times, I’ve always adapted, and stayed upbeat the entire time. I constantly wear a huge smile on my pretty face.

2017-06-11 (66)Given my circumstances you might find my attitude a bit strange, but I’m so positive the right person is looking for me, and I won’t give up until they find me. Who’s searching for a happy, go lucky lady to be their one-of-a-kind Brewster girl? Maybe you?

Come visit me at the Humane Society of Central Texas. I’m Punky Brewster (A07636) Female, 3 years old, pittie mix. I’m happily waiting for you in kennel # D045. Psst, since I’m already spade, I can leave right away!

2017-06-11 (60)

Tip for when adopting a shelter dog:

Are you considering adopting a shelter pet? You’re a hero if you do. Just be sure to do a little homework to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The shelter is a loud, stressful atmosphere, and your pet will need time to decompress once it’s in his/her new home. It takes dog’s some time to return to a balanced state and in the beginning phases it needs a simple, dull existence. Keep affection to a minimum, wait on training, and don’t even talk much right away.

Routine is essential. Schedule bathroom breaks, crate time, and short walks. Dogs find comfort in an everyday atmosphere, and the premise behind decompression is allowing the dog to get into a neutral, relaxed state.

Boundaries and calm predictability will help your new pet appropriately become integrated into the home, and make the transition from the shelter to your home successful.

HSCT Events

Friday, June 30, 2017

Paws For A Cause Radiothon: Hosted by the Humane Society of Central Texas


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Debra Jupe writes romance/suspense. Find her books at http://www.amazon.com or thewildrosepress.com




Author: waggintalesdot

I'm a romance/suspense author, a volunteer, and a foster for the Humane Society of Central Texas

4 thoughts on “A Happy Reunion”

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog plus the information and pictures of some of the dogs needing a home! It would be nice if all of the adoptables were highlighted this way. It is so easy to read and don’t have to go to different screens to see if there is more info posted. I know that would take tons of time but wanted u to know what a good job you did! I look forward to reading more of your articles. Thank you for all you do for the HSCT animals! HH


    1. Holly, thank-you! Your support and appreciation means a lot. This is definitely a labor of love, and it took joint efforts to to put it all together. I’m planning on writing bi-weekly updates, so hopefully we’ll get to highlight many adoptable fur-babies.


  2. Love the stories and admire your work with rescues (and writing!). I will share as I know lots of people in that part of Texas. How do you keep from not wanting to take everyone of them home??


    1. Thank you, I appreciate the support that’ll get these babies seen and in loving, forever homes. And I do want to take them all home! I wanted to load up my car after meeting the five that were spotlighted, plus grab a few more. Unfortunately, my house is already full of fosters and my own, but the minute a space opens, you can bet I’ll be heading the shelter’s way! Thanks for commenting, be sure to follow!


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