Lana to the Rescue!

Saving the homeless and the voiceless takes a village. To keep the wheels turning in the right direction and emotions in check, the village requires effective leaders.

Today, I want to shine a deserved spotlight on a fabulous leader. She is dedicated to the welfare of the displaced animals who have landed at the shelter, and she labors tirelessly to locate a safe place for them to go.

I’m sure those who frequent HSCT have witnessed Rescue Director, Lana Crow busily zipping in and out of the reception area, many times with a pup cuddled in her arms while she’s hard at work.


If you’ve yet to meet this devoted lady in person, then you’ve probably watched the Humane Society of Central Texas Facebook videos where she’s introducing to the public the shy, the seniors, or other hard to place pets.

Lana doesn’t spare the reality of what the Humane Society faces on a daily basis, yet she has been kind enough to share a bit of her life and give us the “why” she is committed to those without a voice.

Here’s Lana:

Rescue is definitely in my blood. I was born and raised in Hillsboro, Texas. For 43 years, I owned and operated as business, Antique Villages, but in between family and my job, I rescue animals, which has been my personal mission for over 60 years.

My first save was at the age of four when I found a puppy at my family’s lake house in Whitney, Texas. I named him Rusty, and he became a faithful member of our family, living to the age of 21.

After Rusty, I constantly brought home strays and sought to find them homes. As an adult, I took pictures and posted them at grocery stores, feed stores, and veterinary offices to help re-home or find lost animal’s owners. Needless to say, I’m thrilled with today’s technology. It makes my quest much easier.

As time went on, I wanted to do more. I began volunteering at the Humane Society of Central Texas in 2012. Once on the inside, I realized too many lives were lost, the live exit rate in 2012 was around 30%, and more animals needed to be moved into rescues and homes.


In 2013, I was offered the position as Rescue Director. I didn’t think twice. I sold the building I used for my business, moved my company to the Hillsboro Antique Mall, and heightened my goal to save more lives. Let me just say, I’ve never regretted my decision.

While my objective is to protect all animals in need, the old, scared, sick and injured really tug at my heart, and they are my passion.

One incident in particular stands out: I hadn’t been at the shelter a long period when I received a call concerning a terrified female Golden Retriever. She was so frightened, she wouldn’t allow anyone to touch her. I headed that way the second we hung up, hopeful I could help her.

I didn’t realize how scared she was until I arrived and saw her trembling and cowering in her cage. Convincing her to leave the kennel wasn’t easy. It took a while, but with a lot of sweet-talking, I eventually succeeded in coaxing her out.

She held onto me so tight, she didn’t want me to put her down. So I didn’t. I took her home. For weeks, I struggled to bond with her and as time moved forward, the sweet girl became calmer as she learned to trust.

Lana and Goldie

Once I deemed her ready, I contacted Golden Rescue. Thankfully, they had space and accepted her into their program. It wasn’t long after a loving family adopted her, and she now happily lives in a wonderful home.

Goldie and others like her provide me with great joy and those victories are what keep me going. Recognizing I possess the ability to improve and have a positive effect in the life of an animal facing a not so bright prospect—I can’t think of anything better.

Five years later and a lot has changed. The Humane Society of Central Texas now maintains over 90 % exit each month. We are proud of that, and the wonderful improvements that HSCT and the City of Waco have accomplished. We’re also proud to be a part of the incredible progress in helping McLennan County’s unwanted animals become wanted, and placing them in loving, forever homes.

And we’re striving to do more.

My future hopes are to remain a part of this great HSCT staff and volunteers as we keep caring for these precious lives. Everyone involved is determined to present each animal a satisfying outcome.

I pray to God every night to provide me with the strength and courage, so I can continue to help our four-legged friends in need. Rescue is very stressful and it takes a toll, yet I can’t imagine my life without aiding these beautiful animals who’ve lost their way. The communities support, and the knowledge we do make a difference assists us through the tougher days.

Being a part of HSCT and the City of Waco Shelter is a blessing. My fellow co-workers are awesome. They don’t mind assisting this “old grandma”, especially when it comes to saving our furry residents. I thank you all, and I love you all

We are a lifesaving team.IMG_6494

We are truly the “little shelter that can.”

“I have never lived without a dog or cat in my home. I have a real connection with animals. Some people don’t get it, but then I don’t get them. It’s just who I am. Other than my grandchildren, saving homeless animals lives is true passion, and saving their lives makes me whole.” Lana Crow, Rescue Director at the Humane Society of Central Texas


 Editors note: Lana works 24/7 to get these sweet fur babies into rescue. She is always on the job! Thank you, Lana for your great service to the community. You’re one in a million!


Pups in Immediate Need

The following dogs have been waiting a long time for their families to come find them. With the 4th of July upon us, they are in real danger of losing their lives due to limited space.

Open your heart and your home. Adopt or Foster and save their life.

Note: If you’re interested in adopting, have an employee or volunteer take the dog out of the kennel and into the playpen. They learn bad habits from each other and many will jump and appear overzealous in their cages when they’re actually calm. They just crave attention.

Henderson the Hoot

Hi all!

I’m Henderson. They tell me I’m a stunning guy, and I’m full of personality and charm. As you can see I have a great smile! I might be potty trained, but could use a bit of leash training. I’m a pretty smart guy, so that shouldn’t be a problem for the right person.

I’m a little on the energetic side, but that’s probably because I’ve been at the shelter a long time (since 3/11/17). They’re really nice here, but I’m past ready to find my person and start enjoying my life.

I’d love to be a part of a family who would include me in their activities, and I’m longing for them to hurry and rescue me.

Is that you?

Henderson is a two year old, male, pittie mix and you can find him in Kennel # D054. His ID is A075943. Henderson is currently 3rd on the urgent list.

Napoleon the Great

Hey there!

My name is Napoleon and I need a quick escape. This is a nice place and all, but I’ve been here since 3/19/17. I’m told I’m a staff favorite because I like to hang out with people. I also walk easy on a leash, and I obey commands quite well.

I’m looking for a new best friend to take me for a long walk or maybe a swim. Or we can just sit on the couch and chill. I’m good with giving kisses if you’re up for a belly rub every now and then.

I have a lot of energy, but it’s the good kind. I don’t jump or bark when I’m in the playpen, and I don’t seemed to notice the other dogs around me. I’m close to as perfect as you can get. So how about it?

Can I come live with you?

I’m Napoleon. I’m a year old., male American Staff Mix. You can find me in kennel # D049 and my ID # is A076049. At the time of this post, Napoleon is fifth on the urgent list.

Super-Sweet Miley

Hello Everyone,

I’m Miley, and aren’t I just the cutest little love bug? I have the prettiest fawn coat, and the most soulful, brown eyes. My disposition? I’m a total sweetheart. I know I’m a bit rambunctious in my kennel, but I can’t help it. I have so much love to pass around, and I just want to get out and start giving it to everyone I meet.

Once I’m outside, I calm down quite a bit. Overall, I’m a gentle lady, but I’m still young, and I would benefit from daily exercise and some added training would be nice, too. After I feel safe and secure, I’ll be a great addition to any family.

I’ve been waiting since 3/23/17, and I so want my new mom and dad to come find me. I’m a good girl, and I’ll do whatever it takes to find a loving home.

Come by and lets play a while.  See if I’m not the perfect fit for you!

I’m Miley. I’m a year old, female, Labrador Retriever mix. You can locate me in kennel #D060 and my ID is A076111. I sit at #6 on the urgent list.

Gorgeous Gifford

Yo! Gifford here!

Who’s looking for the best dog in the world? Yeah, I’m a big lug, but I’m a gentle, loving soul who just wants to find a good home. And why wouldn’t I? I have a great smile and my tail wags all the time, which tells you I’m just a happy fellow who deserves a happily ever after.

I walked fantastic on a leash, I easily romp around the play pen and I don’t jump or bark. I don’t react to my surroundings, my attention stays on my human playmates. I also seemed to be potty trained, so that’s a definite plus, right?

I’m in great shape, good looking, and I’d make the perfect companion to just about any family. My only flaw? I can scale a fence, so you’ll either have to have a high fence or keep me on a leash when I’m outside. FYI: I’m a smart dude, and when a shelter employee warned me to stay away from the edges of the playpen, I minded, and I didn’t try to escape during my photo shoot.

So what are you waiting for? My stay has been since 4/7/17 and I’m ready to go home. Come get me!

I’m Gifford. A male, 4 year old American Bulldog Mix. I’m in kennel # D062, and my ID is A076247. I’m seventh on the urgent list, and I prefer not to move up any higher.

Silly Tilly

Hi Friends!

My name is Tilly, and I’m a playful, fun girl. I really like to be busy, so if you’re into throwing a ball, going for a walk or run or any kind of puppy games, then I’m the lady you’re looking for.

I’m very lovable, extremely pretty, (as you can see I’m always ready to pose for the camera) I’m interested in the world around me. I seemed to catch on quick, so I can be easily trained, and I’ll be an awesome addition to your family.

I’ll probably relax once I get home, but right now, I’m a bit excitable since I was brought in on 4/3/17. Being cooped up for months can get a bit trying after a while. After I get settled, I’m sure I’ll want to snuggle on the couch.

So come meet me, and spring me. I’m ready to go home!

I’m Tilly. Female, two year old Labrador/Terrier Mix. I reside in Kennel # Y026 and my ID is A076243. I’m eighth on the urgent list.

Irresistible Naymond


I’m Naymond. Isn’t that just the coolest name? If fits me to a tee, too, because I’m about the coolest dog you’ll ever meet. (Just FYI, my ears were voted the coolest in the shelter!) I have lovely markings and I’m an overall smart looking dog.

I’m one of the bigger males around here, but size doesn’t matter. When I’m out of the kennels, I have amazing manners. I’m mellow, smart, I sit pretty, and don’t pull on a leash. If you give me a chance, you won’t find a lot wrong with me.

I’ve been a guest at the shelter since 4/4/17 and it’s time for me to bid adios to these nice people and go to my forever home. Is that home yours? Come meet me and find out. The crew at my photo shoot were very impressed with my behavior, I bet you’ll feel the same.

I’m Naymond. I’m male, 1 3/4 year old Boxer Mix. My kennel is # D045 and my ID is A076272. I’m neutered so I can leave right away! 

Other Urgents:

Our girl Wednesday tops the list           Adorable Blake is # 2

2017-06-11 (59)

2017-06-23 (2).png

And sweetheart Chico is #4

2017-06-11 (39)

Punky Brewster was adopted and returned…again. She’s a great dog, but potential owners need to listen to the employees and volunteers when they say Punky doesn’t do well with other animals.2017-06-11 (66)

Summertime is never a good time for any animal shelter and HSCT is no different. From May to September, they remain at code-red status, and they try extra hard to keep available space for incoming pets, sometimes they’re forced to to the unthinkable due to overcrowding.

July 4th is the worst time of year for shelters. Dogs and cats especially are afraid of  the loud noises, and escape back yards to flee from the ruckus. Many wind up at the shelter, which causes overpopulation and unfortunately multiple, adoptable animals lose their lives just for lack of space, which could be prevented with just a little attention and responsibility from owners.

This year, do the your animals, the community, and HSCT a favor. Secure your pet. Don’t assume they’ll be “okay” left alone in the backyard.

Look Who Found Their Forever Home !

Thirteen year old Annie entered the shelter with not a lot of prospects…until her sweet, new mom, Debbie came along. Debbie couldn’t bear the idea of this senior girl sitting alone with no home to go to. So she gave her one! Happy life, Annie!

IMG_3132 (2)

Malone was on the urgent list when Tiffany decided he needed to come home with her. This wonderful boy has two fur brothers, one being Clive, another urgent who Tiffany adopted the week before, and he also has a human sibling on the way. Have a wonderful life, Malone!IMG_3189

Linda and her husband have been wanting a companion pup for a long time. She came to the shelter to search for their new family member and sweet Riley’s calm demeanor and adorable face sealed the deal. Good luck to Riley and her new family!

2017-06-23 (8)

The wonderful Sanchez family fell in love with the beautiful Nola just from her photograph on the HSCT website. They rushed over to meet her, and instantly made her a part of their family. She’s going to be a very happy girl!

2017-06-23 (7)

And a special happy tails to Drew, the big guy featured in the previous blog. This amazing fellow is waiting for his neuter and then he will be heading for his forever home.

2017-06-11 (67)



Don’t forget to attend the Paws For A Cause Radiothon on June 30th. Hosted by Humane Society of Central Texas


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  1. Your blog is very informative, and I truly appreciate everyone’s hard work. For those of us who have a family of fur babies or can’t foster because physical limitations, living accommodations, distance, etc, are there other ways to help?


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