So You Want to Adopt a Shelter Dog


What is The Humane Society of Central Texas adoption process?

So, you want to adopt a pet from the Humane Society of Central Texas? Of course, you do! The “fur’s” housed at this facility are wonderful, all deserve a forever home and your home is perfect!

But where to start?

There are several options that will lead you and help you through the adoption process.

2017-08-06 (84)
I’m Rogue and I’m a cutie. Who’s going to adopt me?

First find the “one.” I don’t know about you, but I fall in love with every one of these babies just by looking at their pictures. While all are welcome in my home, certain photos catch my attention and draw me in.

Once you’ve found your next family member’s photo you can fill out an application online. It’s suggested you do a follow up phone call (254) 754-1454 as the HSCT staff is small, and they may not always see or get to an online application.

Speaking to a staff member will also provide more information, such as true age, size, personality, and in some cases, how the pet came to the shelter, plus availability. The animal may be in foster care or already adopted and the info hasn’t been updated.

2017-08-14 (2)
Beautiful, shy Katie says she’s ready to find her forever home. Come meet this sweet girl, you’ll fall in love!

But if your desired fur baby is still waiting, you will be asked to come to the Humane Society to meet and make sure you’re a good match. In dog adoptions, if the prospective adopter already has a pup at home, they’re encouraged to bring their dog up for a meet and greet. Any meet and greets between two strange dogs must be done by an experienced kennel personnel or a qualified volunteer.

Note: This practice is not a HSCT requirement, unless there are extenuating circumstances, i.e. the dog has shown major aggression toward other shelter dogs or someone had returned the dog because of belligerent issues with other family pets.

Dogs get along, right? Decision made? Yep!  Grab that kennel card on the front of the chosen dog’s kennel (or kitty) and head on into the lobby, fill out an adoption app, if you didn’t online, then you wait—just a few minutes, and an adoption Counselor will invite you to their desks to discuss the application, review the questions for clarification.

What are the questions? Here are a few examples.

  • Where will the pet stay? Inside, outside, both?
  • Is there appropriate fencing if the animal is outdoors?
  • Who will take care of the pet if you’re not able?
  • Meeting options of other family pets.
  • Explanations about Heartworms, clarifying that if a dog is HW+ that the new owner will assume the cost and responsibility.
  • Current and prior health issues are the new owner’s obligation.

Easy peasy!

2017-08-14 (3)
Sweet Chava says please take me home!

Once the particulars are understood and agreed upon, the counselor will enter the info into the computer. Payment is expected, which is one year and older is $50.00 and $75.00 for a kitten or puppy under a year old.  (They take credit/debit card, check, and cash!) These fees are for spay or neuter, first heartworm prevention, and shots.

All that and a sweet love bug, too? What a deal!

Next, you’ll receive your paperwork (kennel card, medical history, disclaimer, and receipt) and possibly your new “baby” provided they’ve already been spayed or neutered. If not, you’ll have to wait until an appointment is scheduled, and you can pick them up at the assigned vet.

If you adopted a pet and cannot take it home right away due to needing to be fixed, you’re welcome to call and check or come up and visit to bond.

2017-08-14 (4)
Junior is waiting for you! Come meet him and take him home!

The Humane Society of Central Texas is having a Clear the Shelter event on Saturday, August 19, 2017.

                       105 Adoptions!

This is a national event, supported and promoted by NBC owned television stations. All shelters are encouraged to participate, and HSCT has been involved for the past few years.

2017-06-23 (96)
psst, it’s me. Henderson. I’m FREE to adopt and I’ve been here forever. Come get me! Henderson came in on 3/11/17 (A075943) Pittie Mix Male, 2 yrs

                       Sponsored and free to adopt!

2017-08-13 (2)
Alice is a spunky nine year old girl in need of a forever home. She’s beautiful, loving, and intelligent. She does not belong in a shelter.
2017-08-13 (3)
Blake was once on the urgent list, adopted, then sadly returned. He’s waiting now for someone to take him and give him a loving home. Blake is dog selective, so bring your pooch up for a meet and greet.
2017-08-15 (3)
Tristan says I’m sponsored! Don’t wait till Saturday, come get me now!

Urgents in Need of Homes!

Unfortunately, adoptions were very slow these past two weeks, meaning the adoption section on this page is a little sad. So many urgents are still waiting. The shelter is full and these wonderful dogs need an out ASAP!

Your Newest Family Member is Listed Below!

You don’t need to wait! There are several urgents who’s fees are also paid.

2017-08-06 (8)
Maggie is a dream dog. She’s adorable, she’s funny and she loves people. You won’t find a better girl to add to your family.
2017-08-06 (13)
Brannon has the best smile, because he is the best. This boy is curious, loving, and if you’re a fan of black dogs, then you can see what a stunner he is. Come meet this great guy, better yet, come take him home!
2017-08-01 (44)
Sadie is just precious. She sits in her kennel, looking so lost and forlorn since her owners surrendered her. She adores attention and she so wants to be a part of a family again. Who will give this lovely girl a safe home she deserves?
2017-07-28 (47)
If there was a contest for the sweetest dog award, Raffie would most certainly win. He’s not only accommodating, he’s also well behaved, leash trained, and a total love! He sits quietly in his kennel waiting, which is probably why he’s urgent. No one notices him. Go meet Raffie and take this sweet boy home, today!
2017-07-28 (50)
That face! How can anyone not fall in love with that adorable face? Sully is a cutie through and through. He needs some training, but he’s smart and learns quickly. He just needs some direction and a lot of love!
2017-08-01 (61)
Hey! I’m free to adopt! Jay, silly, silly Jay. His owners surrendered him because they were moving, and he’s quite anxious inside his kennel as he tries to make sense as to why his family no longer wanted him. Outside, he’s a perfect, lovable gent, who just wants to please and have fun.  Jay’s adoption fee has been sponsored.
2017-07-28 (31)
Hey! I’m free to adopt! Siva is second on the urgent list, and this shy girl is a super love bug once she’s freed from her kennel.. Her adoption fee is also sponsored, so don’t wait. Give this sweetie a home!
2017-07-28 (14)
My good buddy Bjorn needs a forever home ASAP!This guy is a delight to be around and a handsome dude to boot! Go meet this lively boy, better yet, give him a forever home!

Look Who Found Their Forever Homes!

2017-07-26 (15)
Oliver wasn’t an urgent, but he came in underweight, with skin issues and depressed. Tee loud kennel environment didn’t help. The good news, is a kind hearted adopter saw this sweet boy and realized he’d be an amazing pet, and took him home! Have a happy life, Oliver. You deserve it!
2017-08-06 (24)
Brisco is urgent no more! He’s now at home with is family!
2017-08-09 (2)
Big, sad boy Fluffy wasn’t an urgent, but this formally homeless boy who wandered the streets for years will now have his happily ever after. He’s has gone to rescue!










2017-07-28 (39)
ADOPTED  Kratos is now Wishbone is simply perfect. Perfect size, perfect manners, perfectly handsome, this boy is perfect in every way!
Adopted!  Anyone wanting to get Jiggy with it, here’s former urgent Jigsaw, now in foster care. This super sweet guy is relaxed, loves being outdoors, and thinks people and other dogs are okay. How about giving him a look
2017-08-06 (64)
Former Urgent Piper has been adopted!
2017-07-26 (23)
Urgent Cappy found his forever home!
2017-07-28 (60)
Adopted!!!     Senior resident, Judge is heartworm positive, but his treatment has been paid for. Now all he needs is a home.
2017-08-20 (8)
Special needs girl, Roxie appears to have found her forever family! We wish her many more happy years of fetch!
2017-08-06 (79)
In Foster!  If shelter dogs were given awards, Pongo would win the most fun award, hands down. This energetic boy loves to play! He also has a loving side and is very affectionate. He’s just a pup, and he needs a home, soon!
2017-06-23 (96)
Super long time resident, Henderson is still needing a forever home, but he’s resting comfortably in foster until his new owner comes to find him!








































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2017-07-28 (2)
Author Debra Jupe & Kratos/Wishbone




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