Fosters–The Shelter’s Lifeline-Featuring HSCT Foster Coordinator, Emily Keil

Want to make the world a better place? Foster a shelter animal or two—or even more. Foster is a crucial part of the animal rescue world. I am a HSCT foster and I can attest, fostering is an amazing experience for me and hopefully for the animals.  HSCT’s foster program is near and dear to my heart!

Fostering Saves Lives

Everyone’s heard the saying. Fostering saves lives. This is true, and the action is the very heart of a foster program. Fostering empties kennels. HSCT, like all shelters are always cramped for space. Each time a kennel is vacated, it saves the life of the pet fostered, and it frees up a place for another animal.

2017-09-10 (31)
Senior girl Madeline is very happy in her foster home.

But what exactly does fostering entail? Fostering a pet means allowing a homeless animal to live in your home as a member of your family until it is adopted. What are the requirements while an animal is in your home? Fostering includes nurturing, training, and giving loads of love. Fostering also makes the transition into a forever home easier for the pet and the adopter.

So aside from saving a life, what else does fostering do?

Foster Pets Learn How to be Loved

Many animals, especially dogs come to a shelter environment, hurt, abused, or abandoned. They may have trust issues and won’t go near their foster parent or they may behave the opposite and have separation anxiety and refuse to leave their new person’s side.

2017-09-10 (29)
I foster so that dogs who don’t present well in the shelter can learn love and compassion from humans and let their real personalities shine. I foster to help save lives and find dogs the loving forever homes they deserve. Sam~HSCT Foster

There are quite a few animals who are surrendered by their owner, due to one reason or another. These pets usually feel betrayed and can shut down. They had a good life and it was taken away. Now they live in a noisy kennel. They’re basic needs are taken care of, but that’s about all the overworked staff can do. These poor souls don’t understand why their companion left them after they’ve been a faithful friend. Fostering helps those animals believe in humans again. It assists in reestablishing trust.

2017-09-10 (2)
Sweet Angel is an owner surrender. She’s only 9 months old and given up because she jumped on her elderly owners and scratched them.

Time and patience are the key to successful fostering. Once the pet feels secure, then their true personality emerges, and they grow into loving, adoptable animals.

Frightened or Ailing Animals Tend to Thrive Better in a Home

This is common sense. We all improve, health-wise, faster when we’re at home. Animals are no different. Like humans, they need a quiet place to decompress or heal. This happens much quicker in a home with someone to care for whatever their needs are.

There is an infirmary of sorts, but kennel coughs and upper respiratory will swiftly spread, so those dogs and cats do better out of the shelter setting. Unfortunately, the space is even a broader problem for those who need extensive care. There simply isn’t room for broken bones to mend, those suffering with mange, or other ailments.

Frightened and shy animals require socialization multiple times daily. Again, there isn’t enough staff to go around to work on social skills, and the employees greatly appreciate the fosters who are willing to take on these harder cases. Which brings us to,

Fostering, for me, seems to be the cheapest and most effective way to make a difference and help rescue dogs and save lives. When you don’t have much spending money, or much land, or even time, but you really have a desire to help animals, fostering is one of the best ways to do it.~HSCT foster Trish

Fostering is Not for the Faint of Heart

Like any other animal, all shelter pets have their quirks. Fears of thunderstorms, loud noises, and even an unexpected move will send a timid or fearful animal into hiding. Other peculiarities they can be fearful of inanimate objects. I have a friend who is in a wheelchair. She wanted to adopt a shelter dog, but had a difficult time finding one who wasn’t afraid of her chair. Some are terrified of people wearing hats, and the lists goes on, so be prepared.

2017-06-11 (39)
Chico says, yes I’m older, bigger, black, and have a cherry eye which I hope to have removed., but I’m still a great dog, and will make an awesome companion. I’m doing great in foster care

Fostering a pet is an adventure. Pets have never lived inside or even been in fenced yard may not react favorably in the beginning, and they may try to escape. Kennels are a great safe place and a good training tool most of the time. Every now and then you run into a dog that goes crazy when contained.

Potty training isn’t necessarily a given, so you may end up doing lots of laundry. Anther tip; keep plenty of chewables and toys on hand. It’s your house. Set boundaries and stick to them. It’s easy to be lenient on an animal whose come into your home after suffering or having a hard life. But remember, limitations show love, too.

Keep a Sense of Humor

This is necessary when dealing with animals, whether it be your own pet or a foster. In the past year and a half, I’ve fostered around fifteen dogs. I have at least ten stories for each, and while some didn’t seem so humorous at the time, most now will end in a chuckle.

My foster, Leticia is a silly girl!

I currently foster a dog who refuses to walk inside the house. He’s afraid to go past the threshold. Outside? No problem. Yes, I do leash him when I’m in a hurry and he’s fine, but he likes to run and play with the others, and I encourage that when I have spare time. Those skills are also beneficial for him.

I don’t understand his adversity to walking inside, but he has a trigger that I must deal with, which will help him integrate when he starts his new life with his forever family.

Saying Goodbye is as Hard as You Think it Will be.

I hear this all the time; I can’t foster because I wouldn’t be able to give them up. For the longest, I felt that way, too, but it hurt one hundred times worse when I viewed photos of beautiful animals with RIP next to their picture.

I altered my outlook.

Now I do confess. I cry every time one leaves me.  I always rush to the box of tissue sitting on the shelter counter after a foster is adopted.

Yes, it’s a bittersweet moment when they trot happily out of the building with their new owner. (Sometimes they don’t even bother to look back) Don’t let that profound second get in the way of becoming a foster. The happy ending makes every tear worthwhile. Most adopters are thrilled to send fosters recent photos and provide updates.

It’s also great to form a relationship with new owners because occasionally the transition isn’t always smooth. Your availability is reassuring to the adopter and that encouragement is imperative when making a successful blending. Once in a while, an animal is returned, which is okay. The pet’s needs are first, and if the fit isn’t right, then they come back, and we move on.

Just realize, whatever happens, when one chapter ends, we begin another. That’s fostering.

This says it all.

2017-09-10 (8)
I foster because a dog gets to sleep in my bed like this while they wait for a home instead of sleeping alone in a sometimes scary shelter~HSCT foster Trish

HSCT Foster Program

Emily Keil is the foster coordinator at the Humane Society of Central Texas. and she graciously has agreed to give us some personal and foster information.

2017-09-17 (38)A little personal history. Are you from Waco, if not where are you from. How long have you been at HSCT, and how long have you been the foster coordinator?

I’ve lived in Waco since I was 2. My Dad has always been a big supporter of the Humane Society and all of our pets that we didn’t pick up as strays have come from here.

A bit about the program. How long ago was it formed? In that time, how much has it grown? And where do you see it going in the future?

I think the foster program was formed about 5-6 years ago but it was more of a “foster-to-adopt” program then, rather than providing a home for an animal until it was adopted. It was tiny. Now we typically have upwards of 100 animals in foster care on average (more during kitten season) and we have about 90 foster homes with about 40 active fosters at any given time.

What specifics do you look for in a foster?

I mostly want our fosters to be conscientious, able to follow directions, and desirous of what’s best for the animals.  They don’t have to be certified dog trainers or trained veterinarian technicians, (we can help with all things animal related!) but we do need them to care about the animals enough to do what’s best for them and ALSO to care about potential adopters. Fosters need to be good representatives of the Humane Society to our community through the way they care for their pets and the way they interact with other people.

Would you rather the foster chose their pet or would you prefer to pick?

I don’t mind if fosters pick choose which pets they want to foster – after all, we want fostering to be a good experience for the foster PERSON as well as the foster animal and sometimes the best way to make that work is for the foster to choose an animal they feel will fit well in their household. On the flipside, we often have animals that require foster homes because they cannot stay at the shelter for medical or behavioral reasons. In these cases it helps if fosters are open to suggestions.

If someone would like to become a foster, what is the process, and how long does it take before they bring a pet home?

If someone would like to become a foster they can apply online or in person. It’s easier for me to organize my time if folks apply online but I certainly don’t want to turn away anybody who walks in. I usually respond to online applications by email in 1-2 days (but we had about 30 people apply at once after hurricane Harvey so I’m a little behind!).  Once we’ve established an email connection I may ask for clarification about a few things on their application but once all questions have been answered and they’ve read through the foster protocols they’re ready to take a pet home!

More on How Fostering Works

When the HSCT receives a dog or cat that, for some reason, can’t be immediately placed up for adoption.  We then call our list of foster care volunteers and this is how it works from there:

  • The first willing foster home will come to the shelter and pick up the animal—along with all available information and supplies.
  • That animal then goes to the foster home until they are ready for adoption. (You may need to bring the animals back to the shelter periodically for medical check-ups by our on-staff veterinarian.)
  • The animal stays in foster care until it gets adopted! Fosters may chose an adopter but they may not turn over the animal until the pet is spayed or neutered and the fee is collected.

Fostering animals provides the shelter with much-needed space for taking in more animals in need, and keeping the animal in a foster’s home begins the socialization process that many of them need.  As well as providing a loving environment for that animal temporarily.  We could not make it without our Foster Parents!


HSCT Fosters-Why I Foster

2017-09-10 (23)
This was one of my first fosters. She ended up being a foster failure and went on to becoming a certified therapy dog. She died in December from cancer. But she touched a lot of lives including ours. This is Sophie, ~Jimmye HSCT foster
2017-09-10 (13)
I foster because many of the animals in the shelter have never experienced love from a human or have had the only life they have known taken from them. I foster bottle kittens because I love watching them grow and develop their individual personality. The greatest and most emotional day is watching your foster go home to their adopted family and realizing your work with them is done. Being a foster is truly a rewarding experience. ~ Ashley HSCT Foster
2017-09-10 (24)
I worked in the cat room at the shelter back when the vast majority of the cats who came in didn’t leave alive. I couldn’t stand the thought of cats dying just because they had a cold. Tristan, pictured here, was at risk for euthanasia after being returned for the 4th time – he had a problem with leaking poo, but couldn’t be an outside cat because he’s declawed. Sweetest cat ever, though! I took him home for a few months, then was able to partner with the people at Blue Paws/Starfish to get him to Petco, where one of the volunteers fell hard for him. She’s had him 5 years now and after many vet visits, he no longer leaks ~ Emily

I chose to foster after leaving my past job at an animal hospital in NY where I started an adoption program saving over 200 animals in 3 years. I still felt the need to to contribute to both the community and the animals so I started fostering kittens. It has only been a rewarding party of my life. My past job at Busch Gardens Williamsburg almost all of our animal super stars came from the shelter so I will always do my part to save and promote adoption animals as potential new family members. Kristin ~HSCT Foster

2017-09-10 (25)
Bella a (male) Chiweenie. His first owner was a 4 year old girl, who had to move in with her grandma and grandma couldn’t afford a pet deposit. I was on Intake, and Bella bit me when I tried to put him in a cage in Quarantine. So I took him into the cat room and told everyone I was taking him to foster, otherwise he would have been put down that day as an owner surrender – and I couldn’t forget Grandma in tears signing him over. That was 2011 when things were very different. He mellowed out a little at my house, but every time I brought him to the shelter to advertise him, he bit another staff member – lol, thankfully no one ratted him out! Finally, a couple called about him who’d just lost their 15 year old bitey Chihuahua, and it was a perfect match! Thankful, too, to Fallon Jones who helped with the meet & greet at Petco that day
2017-09-10 (28)
I foster because I know temporary shelter can save lives. Not just the life I bring home, but the life that gets that empty kennel. I love bottle babies and have rescued hundreds over the past 13 years or so. I also don’t shy away from ringworm. I’ve had kittens that developed panlekopenia and that kept me from fostering about a year. I’ve lost a couple, but when you take a sick or injured animal and turn it around. There’s really nothing that compares. My most recent was a kitty who had a cyst (Penelope) all she needed was a place to recover from surgery. She was adopted before her stitches were out and is very well loved. Attached is the photo of her family after suture removal. Fallon ~ HSCT Foster
2017-09-10 (10)
The reason I started fostering was because a friend from high school works for a Pitbull rescue in College station, and she’s always posting stuff about it. Well, I thought fostering was out of reach for me right now, because I thought that the foster was responsible for all costs of the dog, like food, medications, vetting, but my friend posted a post that said “Did you know fostering is 100% free” because her rescue is able to pay for all medical needs and send food and toys and beds with their dogs to their foster homes. So I looked in to her rescue, but decided I should see what fostering options I had here in Waco so I wouldn’t have to drive to College Station all the time. I found HSCT, got some more info and got my first foster. I think Fostering is the most feasible way for many people to save animals and really make a difference. But, people considering fostering should be very committed to doing so, they should understand that returning their foster should be a very last resort. Fosters are suppose to keep the animal until it’s adopted, but if they return them, it makes the shelter staff job harder, it’s sad for the dog, and the shelter may not have any open kennels, which could mean someone has to get euthanized. So people should really think and decide if they really can and be willing to keep the dog they foster until adoption. And if you’re having issues, like the dog is barking too much, or something, the foster staff and the other fosters will probably have a lot of good suggestions to help you fix the problem so you don’t have to return the foster.~ Trish HSCT Foster

HSCT Foster Sholly says,  Dan and I try to foster dogs that seem like hot messes that no one will adopt, in hopes that giving them a home and stability will bring out the good in them. We do our little part to save a life every now and then, and most importantly we try to make sure our adopters get the best experience possible to word gets around about how great adoption is. That’s probably our motivating reason. To make adoption great. We do kittens because, well, they’re kittens.

Current Urgents

                  These three boys are still waiting for their forever homes….

2017-08-06 (14)
Brannon is a typical Black Dog statistic and has been overlooked. His adoption fee has been sponsored.
2017-08-01 (61)
Jay, silly, silly Jay. His owners surrendered him because they were moving, and he’s quite anxious inside his kennel as he tries to make sense as to why his family no longer wanted him. Outside, he’s a perfect, lovable gent, who just wants to please and have fun.

Latest Urgents

Big Boy Ballou

Hey bubs and babes. I’m Ballou. Big, Beautiful, Boisterous, Ballou, and I have problems. You see, because of my larger size, and I’m a bit loud, people tend to hurry past my kennel. No one stops to talk to the big dude, you know? Which is kind of sad. I only bark because I want to get to know you, and I want you to get to know me.

Trust me, my heart is as big as the rest of me! I behave well outside of this small cage. I like to romp, play, and if you’re in search of an exercise partner, we’d make a great team. I love to go for a stroll and I look impressive as I proudly show off my skills on a leash.

I may need some guidance after I’m in a home, but no worries. I’m a brainy one, so I’ll catch on quick to whatever you want me to learn. I also have a deep bay, and although I’m sweeter than molasses, I sound ferocious. I’m an awesome alarm system.

So how about stopping by my pad and give the big guy a second look? Better yet, take me home! My adoption is sponsored so I’m FREE! I’m Ballou. (A077417) I’m a two-year-old, male, mixed breed, and I’ve been here since 6/6/17.

                                    Striking Bugsy

 Yo! Are you looking for a dog with a “cool” factor? You know, one whose smart and extremely good looking? One who may act aloof, only underneath it all, there’s a heart of gold, just waiting to be discovered? If that’s the kind of companion you’re searching for, and even if you’re not, stop by my kennel.

I’m Bugsy. And I’m kinda hard to get to know. I was probably abandoned, so I have some trust issues. That doesn’t make me a bad guy, it just means I protect my heart because I don’t want to have it broken again. Even though I may be distant, you’ll notice there’s a sweetness about me as I slowly warm up to any positive attention. I’ll even give you a quick kiss or two if you speak to me in a kind voice. I truly want to love someone and have them love me back.

I also desperately want out of this kennel. I’ve been here since, 6/6/17 which is indeed long time to be waiting for the right person to find me. I need a loving home with a patient owner where I can decompress, learn to integrate into a family as I gain confidence.  Can you help me do that? I’m Bugsy, male, three-year-old pittie mix.  My ID is A077416.

Laynie the Water-dog

2017-08-31 (24)2017-08-31 (22)2017-08-31 (21)2017-08-31 (25)

HI! My name is Laynie and I’m a happy, happy girl once I’m outside. I become even more excited if there’s a pool in the vicinity. I really, really, like to get my feet wet. Even though I’m a water girl, I’m rather chill when I’m allowed to explore. I’m never jumpy or loud after I’m no longer inside those scary kennels.

As you may notice, I’m a very pretty, mid-size dog. Perfect for an apartment or a home. I may be distant when we first meet, I’ve been here for quite a while (my entrance date is 6/14/17) and I’d rather use my free time outdoors to explore. But that doesn’t mean I’m unsocial. I’m just afraid to let myself get too attached. With time and patience, that will all change. I’ll make a wonderful well-rounded companion.

And I’m waiting for that day! I’m saving up all my love and kisses for a special person or family to come. I just need a chance to show you what a wonderful girl I truly am. So, will you give me one? A chance? I promise you won’t regret it. My name is Laynie. I’m a female, two-year-old mix breed. My ID is A077574.

Pretty Baby

Hey baby! It’s Baby, and I loved to be babied! I’m an enchanting, petite girl, who’s curious about the world around me. As a matter of fact, I’m a little nosy body. Everything interests me, because I love to learn!

Besides absorbing the atmosphere, I’m also quite adorable, not to mention I have the cutest smile! While I am quite bright, I do need a tad of leash work, but that shouldn’t be a problem. I just need a new human to take me for walks, and I’ll get it. I’m also a little weary of people, I may have some desertion setbacks, so my new family will have to be patient with me. Once I warm up, I promise I’ll make you a fabulous companion. All I need is a bit of babying.

So how about you come get me and baby me? I’ve been here since 6/29/17 and the staff is quite wonderful, I prefer a home of my own. My name is Baby, and I’m a year-old female, Catahoula mix. My ID is A0778

Amazing Leander

Look at me, I’m one handsome dude! My name is Leander, and yes, I am a good-looking guy. It’s unclear why no one has picked me to be their forever dog. I figure my perfect family just hasn’t found me yet. But I think we need to rectify that situation. So let me expand on my wonderful qualities.

Along with winning the lotto in the looks department, I also have an amazingly charming personality, nice manners, and I’m always happy. I really like to play, but I have no problem being a lap dog if you let me! I’ll lay on you and snooze, and I promise to keep you warm on those upcoming cooler fall evenings.

To sum me up, I’m just a sweet dog full of love and kisses who doesn’t have anyone to bestow my love upon or give my sweet kisses to. Would you let me love you and maybe love me back? Come to kennel and let’s connect. I’m Leander. I’m a two-year-old, male, Labrador Retriever/Border Collie Mix and my ID is A077674. I’ve been patiently waiting for my perfect owner to come get me since 6/20/17 and I need you to hurry!

Uniquely Jaq Jaq

Hello all! This is Jaq Jaq. I know you’re all probably thinking, what kind of crazy name is Jaq Jaq? I consider it as unique. Kind of like me. I’m a super-calm boy, a bit unassuming in my kennel. I slowly lumber up to the gate, ready to warmly greet anyone who stops by. My tail is always wagging and a smile is on my handsome face.

What else is exceptional about me? I’m known around here as a gentle giant. I’m serene, relaxed, obedient, and patient. If you’re a fan of larger dogs, I truly hit all the marks, which is I’m kind of confused as to why I’ve been overlooked. I’ve been good-naturedly waiting since 6/15/17. Maybe it’s because my tranquility and silence doesn’t command a lot of attention. But my great looks, intelligence, and contentment should have you rushing to my kennel, prepared to take me home.

I mean seriously. A happy dog in a shelter. That is unique. How can I be so cheerful, you wonder? Can’t say. Although it’s just my nature to roll with the flow, I’d be much happier in a home of my own. Can you help me out on that? I’m Jaq Jaq. I’m a three-year-old male, boxer mix, joyfully waiting for you in kennel. Come see me!

                      Yancy, the Perfect Gentleman

I’m Yancy, and if you’re searching for a distinguished canine who has impeccable manners, then I’m the gentledog for you. As you can see by my striking photos, I’m already dressed in my tuxedo, and I look very handsome. My other impressive refinements include, walking on a leash, and I’m amazing, I know basic commands, and to top off my accolades, I’m quite the charmer.

So, with all these great attributes, you have to wonder why I’m still here? Well, it is a puzzle. I am a bit on the thin side and could use a few extra groceries, and then there’s my bark…it’s a little different. I’ve been told I sound like a seal. It’s not so awful. Some consider it quite cute and it adds to my special personality.

Bottom line, I’m a great dog, I’ve been passed over, and that’s a shame. I’d make a wonderful addition to any family. Come meet me. I’m Yancy. My ID is A077662. I’m a male, three-year-old, pittie mix. I’ve been at the shelter since 6/20/17.

Rockin’ Roxy

I’m Roxy and I’m yappy. Yes, I admit it. I’m wanting out of my kennel so bad, that I yap at everyone that passes by. Still, no one stops! Do you know how long I’ve been in here? Since 6/15/17. That’s a long time to be caged, especially for a young girl who enjoys being active. Now, I even have one of those unsightly staff only signs on my gate, because I bark really loud when other dogs walk by.

Truthfully, I want everyone to hear my message. There’s nothing wrong with me other than I’d like to be living in a loving home. I’m a pretty girl. I’m skilled on a leash, I mind my manners, (outside the kennel), and I’m easily trained. All and all, I’m just a sweet, little lady. Once I have a soft bed to curl up on and a person to cuddle with, I’ll be a wonderful family member. Plus, I’ll be much quieter. Promise.

So, can you close your ears for just a few minutes and take the time to get to get to know me? You won’t regret it. I’m Roxy. I’m a female, eighteen-month-old, pittie mix. My personal ID is A077556

Alena, the Perfect Girl

I’m Alena. I’m an extra special girl, and I’m searching for an extra special person(s). I’m extremely tranquil inside my kennel and out. I rarely make a peep. I just gaze at you with my beautiful, soulful eyes, begging to be noticed. I just want somebody (maybe you?) to give me a chance to become a member of their family.

I’m leash trained, I obey basic commands, and my prettiness blends nicely with my gentle personality. I’d be willing to learn a lot more if you’re willing to work with me. Just one glance in my direction, and you’ll see I’m eager to please. And while I’m a mellow girl, I do have an element of coolness which make me unique. Just check out my tiny ears! Aren’t they the cutest?

I truly love everybody I meet, and I can’t understand why I haven’t found someone to love me back. I have tons of kisses saved up as I’ve been waiting for a really long time, (since 6/24/17) and I’m ready to go home. Would you take me to yours? I’m Alena, an exceptional, female, 2-year-old American Staff Mix. Please consider adopting me, and making me a part of your family.

                                     Sweet, Sweet Nala

Psst. Are you wanting a dog who is calm, gentle, curious, and walks fantastic on a leash? How about a girl who moves like a dream and is prettier than a sunset on the beach? Are you looking for perfection? Well, I’m not perfect, but I’m possess all the above-mentioned traits.

My name is Nala, and I cornered the market on great dog features. It’s a puzzle to me. I had a home, but my owner no longer wanted me, and left me here. Their desertion makes me a bit distant in the beginning, but a few kind words and some treats, I’ll warm up real fast.

Nowadays, I sit composed in my kennel, wagging my tail whenever someone stops by to speak to me. I’m not the jumpy type, I’m more quietly excitable. Because I’m unassuming may be why no one has picked me to take me home, and make me their pet.

I’d really like to have a family of my own to love. The days seem to pass by slow, yet I’ve been in my kennel since 6/22/17.  I’m such a good girl, I deserve a good home. I’m Nala. I’m a five-year-old, female, Labrador Retriever Mix. Come adopt me!

These four urgents are in need of a photo shoot, which will be coming soon! Don’t let their lack of pics stop you from adopting or fostering.  Lady Tramain (top corner) Ringwald, (middle), Jester (bottom) and Junior.

Adorable urgent, Chiva went into a foster home. This low-riding, love bug is still available for adoption. She’s sweet, submissive, and is so loving. She’d make a wonderful addition to any family. Contact the shelter for more information.

Look Who’s Left the Shelter and is Now Chillin’!

Thanks to all the rescues who have taken 130 dogs and cats to make room for displaced Harvey pets or so HSCT can handle overflow from other shelters who are housing hurricane pets.

2017-08-13 (3)
Cutie Blake was once on the urgent list, adopted then returned. Fortunately a rescue spotted this sweet guy, a long timer, and realized he was special and swooped him up!
2017-07-28 (49)
Super adorable, Sully was lucky enough to have a rescue grab him. He’ll be in for some much needed R&R and training before finding a forever family.
2017-07-28 (31)
Number 1 urgent Siva was saved by a rescue, which made the whole world jump for joy. Good luck sweet girl!
2017-08-13 (2)
Sweet senior Alice is exactly where she should be; out of the shelter and rescued. Her own home is just around the corner!
2017-08-06 (7)
Sweetheart Maggie is now an ex-urgent. She has her own family! Couldn’t be more thrilled for this sweet girl!
2017-08-01 (49)
So happy this sweet girl found her home full of love and joy! Have a happy life, Sadie!
2017-07-28 (14)
My good buddy Bjorn found his forever home! It couldn’t have happened to a better guy!
2017-08-06 (84)
Woo Hoo! Our fun guy Pongo went from urgent, to foster, to his forever home!
2017-09-07 (2)
Lovely Dolly was never urgent, but this six year old girl was terrified in the kennel and hid under her bed. Thankfully, a wonderful family wanted to give this amazing girl a secure, loving home. She’s happy now, and no longer afraid!!
2017-06-23 (96)
Who remembers Henderson? Well everyone should. This boy spent five long months at the shelter before going into foster. But he’s no longer a foster child, this boy’s been adopted!



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