Your Shelter Wants You!

You want every HSCT dog to find a loving, forever home, right? And you want to help them find that home, but you don’t know what you can do?

How about becoming a volunteer? I know, I know, you’re busy, and you don’t have a lot of time. Plus, going to the shelter and viewing all those dogs in need will make you sad or you’ll want to take them all home, etc. I get it. I felt the same way. I avoided venturing inside the kennels for a long time. I’m not going to lie. My heart does hurt when I meet so many homeless dogs and knowing I can only do so much.

But let me let you in on a secret. Strength grows in numbers. Meaning, joining other volunteers CAN make a huge difference in a small amount of time. Volunteering can turn a dog’s dreams of finding a forever home into a reality.

How? By doing something as simple as spending time with them.

The main requirements shelter dogs need to make them more adoptable are exercise and socialization. Yes, that’s it. Only it’s essential they have both each day.

When I say EVERY dog in the shelter, I do mean every dog. The high energy jumpers, the growlers and yappers, those poor babies who cower in the back, and of course, the calm pups who are waiting patiently for just a kind word.

Most personalities perk up and change the moment they eagerly leave the kennels and that moment is how fast you can make that difference.

Exercise is as effortless as taking a stroll around the grounds. Let’s look at how just walking a dog improves its demeanor.

  • It strengthens the bond to humans. They will learn to trust easier and quicker. They will also become friendlier when introduced to their new family.
  • It helps with weight management. A few pups come in overweight, but many stop eating due to stress and lose weight. Exercise will de-stress, and the movement stimulates their appetite, so they’re healthier.
  • Walking also assists in improving socialization. They get used to meeting new people and see or intermingle with other dogs, readying them further when transitioning into a new home.
  • It increases mental and physical health. It’s boring sitting inside those tiny kennels every day. Activity relieves boredom and stimulates their minds and bodies, which make them more adaptable when they move into a home of their own.
  • Getting the dogs outside and spending time with them makes them less lonely. Can you imagine sitting in the same little cubical day in and day out with only smidgens of contact? Dogs are social creatures. Even the pups who are not dog friendly crave human companionship.
  • Not to mention they’re getting better trained to walk on a leash, a win win for the dog and their new owner.
  • And last but certainly not the least, YOUR health also benefits from the added workout. It’s much cheaper, more enjoyable, and more rewarding than hitting the gym!

Socialization is the other necessity, and it is designed to introduce dogs to new experiences and allow them to get accustomed to different situations so they know how to act and react appropriately.

Many shelter dogs are disconnected or they do not trust. It’s imperative to bring them into the play areas and INTERACT with them. Pet them, talk to them, and don’t be afraid to get down on the ground with them so they understand you are not a threat. Many have been let down and will behave timid, at first.

How dogs relate to people is so important when meeting potential adopters. Disinterested, growly, barking, and jumpy dogs usually have a much more difficult time leaving the shelter. All it takes is an hour a day to change that behavior and up their chances of getting into a forever home.

Are you ready to sign up? Go to the HSCT website, find the form, and go from there. After you’ve completed your orientation, and you’re looking for more specifics in assisting, then contact me through this blog. A group of fosters and myself are forming a side organization, The Canine Crusaders to work with these pups on a regular basis. We need compassionate people to join. No experience is required. Just bring your big heart!

Urgents in Need!

It’s been a rough week at HSCT and with high intakes and low adoptions, the following pups are desperate to find a forever home or a foster.

2017-09-22 (66)
Super handsome Alpine can’t understand why no one has chosen him as their forever pet. Is he not good-looking enough? Smart enough? Friendly enough? NO to all of the above. Go by the shelter and meet this wonderful boy! Then give him a home!

2017-09-13 (77)
Amazing Artemis is a nine year old girl who has no business spending her time in the shelter. This little girl stays on her bed most of the time,but perks up when someone stops by to speak to her. Give her a chance to spend the rest of her life in a cushy home. Artemis’s adoption fee has been sponsored.
2017-10-06 (69)
CoCo is about as cute as a dog can get. She’s beautiful and full of personality. It’s sad no one has plucked this perfect girl up and made her a member of their family! Don’t miss your chance. Go get this sweetheart!

2017-09-12 (4)
Cutie Hannah is a calm, sweet girl. She’s quietly waiting for her new family to come find her. She’s so unassuming, that it’s easy to pass her by, but once you notice her, you won’t be able to tear your eyes away!

2017-09-22 (59)
It’s a total puzzle why no one has chosen Jester. He’s an athletic dude who loves to walk on a leash. Looks wise, he’s a stunner. Right now, he’s a bit stressed in his kennel, but once he’s outside, he turns into a show dog. Take this handsome boy home! Jester is free to adopt to an approved adopter.

2017-10-06 (55)
Poor Jetta is a sad girl. She’s even sadder now that she’s on the urgent list. A home of her own would definitely improve this lovely ladies outlook. How about helping her and giving her a home? Etta’s adoption fee has been sponsored
2017-09-29 (6)
Have you ever seen a sweeter face? How can anyone pass by adorable Katie’s kennel and not stop and admire this gentle girl? How is it no one has given her a home of her own? Help this great girl and give her the home she’s begging for.
2017-08-21 (25)
Nala is perfection! She’s calm in and out of her kennel, she’s loving to everyone she meets. Nala also has the distinct position of number one on the urgent list, and it is simply a crime that everyone has passed this wonderful lady by. Nala’s adoption has been sponsored and she’s free to adopt to an approved adopter.
2017-09-22 (44)
Onyx is a fantastic boy. He’s sits quietly in the kennel waiting for his forever person to notice him. Alas,he’s a black dog and as in many cases those charcoal coated canines are overlooked. Stop by and give this guy a view. Then take him home. You won’t regret it!
2017-10-06 (18)
Rollo is another black coated boy who’s been passed by. This big guy is nothing but a teddy bear, and he deserves to have a home of his own. Go by and meet this amazing guy. He’ll make a great companion. Rollo is free to adopt to an approved adopter.
2017-09-11 (23)
Isn’t Tristan adorable? This boy is full of love and kisses and it’s curious as to why no one has swooped this perfect best friend up and made him a family member. His adoption fee has been sponsored so he only requires love!
2017-10-06 (23)
Lets talk breathtaking. How a beauty like Xena ever found her way to the shelter is mystery. The fact she’s on the urgent list is even more of a riddle. Don’t wait! Go get this exquisite girl and give her a home!

Others in Need of Homes

Image may contain: dog


Tyrone, another overlooked black dog

Image may contain: dog

                                                      Tiger is an all around dog.

Image may contain: dog


                                           Sher Khan is still a puppy!

Image may contain: text

                       Chocolate is a delicious girl!

Image may contain: dog                    Strider has been under the weather and out   of sight. He’s better now and needs a home. No automatic alt text available.                Zippy is a shy guy who just wants to lay at your feet!

Image may contain: textAmos is a big gentle lug who has a ton of love to give.

 Image may contain: dog and text                                     How can anyone resist Timone’s sweet face?

No automatic alt text available.  Perry is a heart breaker. He’s ten years old and has no business in a shelter.

Image may contain: dogBarrow is last on the list. Lets not let him move up any further.

Look who’s in their forever home!

2017-10-06 (3)
Pretty boy Floyd was on he urgent list, adopted, then returned and eventually went back onto the urgent list again. Lucky for him, his foster family grabbed this great guy, and not long after he went into his true forever home.
2017-10-06 (6)
Handsome Howard, we barely knew you! You made it to the urgent list, then you were off living your brand new life with your new family!
2017-09-13 (16)
Somebody noticed how amazing Junior is and snatched him up! Now he’s sprinting around his forever home!
2017-08-23 (18)
Adorable Jaq Jaq has been adopted and is happily basking in his forever home.



2017-10-06 (7)
This is what true happiness looks like. Former urgent, Alena on her freedom ride. Her new mom says she’s the best girl!
2017-08-31 (32)
MARC met Yancy at the shelter and were impressed with his good looks and charm. They immediately pulled him into their rescue. Unfortunately, Yancy was very ill, and after trying several treatments with no improvement, the difficult decision was made to end Yancy ‘s suffering and allow him cross over to rainbow bridge. Big thanks to MARC and Yancy’s foster, who spoiled him and gave him tons of love and attention during his last few weeks on earth. RIP, sweet boy. You mattered.













2017-10-06 (30)
Super terrified Jumanji will not be afraid any more. He’s gone to his forever home!




























In Foster

2017-09-22 (36)
Beautiful, gentle Leona is in her foster home, living the good life while she waits for her forever home.
2017-09-14 (47)
Lady Tremaine is a dream now that she’s in foster care. Her personality is flourishing and matches her beautiful looks. She’ll be even better after moving into her forever home.



2017-08-31 (8)
Roxy is decompressing in foster care. She’s calmed down since leaving the shelter and on her way to taking the next step into her forever home.
2017-10-06 (7)
Super urgent Romy’s owner took her two fur siblings and left her at the shelter. The look on her face says it all. She’s happy to be in foster care.


2017-09-10 (37)
Update: Ringwald was adopted!













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